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London Hat Week 2020 Official Exhibition

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The name of London Hat Week official exhibition series came from the historical event that took place in London in 1851 – ‘The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations’ or ‘The Great Exhibition’. It was the first in a series of World’s Fairs, exhibitions of culture and industry that became popular in the 19th century, and it was a much-anticipated event. We celebrate world cultural heritage in magnificent hat designs at The Great Hat Exhibition series. Following last year’s exhibition where over 1500 hat lovers enjoyed the 200 hats created by milliners from 30 countries, we are pleased to announce the theme for 2020 London Hat Week official exhibition – ‘The Great Hat Exhibition – To the Future and Back’. We invite milliners from around the world to showcase hats inspired by the past and future, for thousands of visitors to see your vision and memories on the hats created by you. The exhibition will be held at Menier Gallery, a wonderful central London venue within walking distance of some of the most celebrated London landmarks, The Shard, Tate Modern, and London Bridge.


The year 2020 has always seemed fictional when it was mentioned, but now we are at this point of time, we would like to invite hat lovers to time travel to the future and back with your creativity in hat design. We are introducing a dual “future” and “retro” themed London Hat Week exhibition this year. A. “Future” theme – we invite milliners from around the world to craft hats which show us their vision of the future in their hat designs, whether it’s inspired by space travel, virtual or imagined world, sci-fi movies, or made of environmentally friendly, high technology, non-traditional materials, by a 3D printer, or in fluid, in out of the world shapes. We invite you to go wild with your imagination! B. “Retro” theme – we invite milliners to time travel to the past to show the glorious eras when people wore a lot of beautiful hats, you could choose to use vintage fabrics, recycled felt or accessories, or you could try to re-create the elegant shapes and lovely details that have disappeared from the fashion and millinery scenes since 1920’s – 1960’s. We invite you to reflect and recall the beautiful moments in your mind!


Good news for those who have not yet submitted their hats, we are extending our application deadline for one week to celebrate the exciting collaboration with The British Hat Guild at our 2020 London Hat Week exhibition. The British Hat Guild is thrilled to give out three outstanding entry awards of “Creativity”, “Technique”, and “Wearability”. The judging panel will present the awards at the exhibition Opening Party, the winning milliners will be given a certificate from The British Hat Guild, a cheque for £100, and coverage of their work on The British Hat Guild website to celebrate their outstanding achievement!


We invite milliners from all over the world to showcase their vision of the past or future in beautiful original millinery art.

Fill in the application form below to showcase your hat in the exhibition!

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Selected hats will be announced on 29th November.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that the application is for one hat only, if you wish to submit another hat for the other theme, or if you would like to submit more than one hats for the same theme for consideration, you need to fill in the form again. You can submit as many hats as you wish.
  2. If two of your hats are chosen, you will receive a £15 discount off participating fees; if three are chosen, you will receive a £25 discount; if four are chosen, £35 discount.
  3. All hats for consideration must have been inspired by the future, or the past (1920s-1960s) to be qualified.
  4. Please supply two clear images of your creation with the application form for consideration (showing hat from different angles against a white clean background, each no smaller than 1MB, no larger than 2MB), you must also include a reference image showing your inspiration.
  5. A non-refundable £120 (+VAT) application entry fee for each chosen hat to be paid upon receiving a confirmation email of successful application. You will receive an invitation for you to join us at the Private View Party on Wednesday 15th April before the exhibition opens to public (you will be able to purchase 1 additional ticket at a cost of £25 (+VAT) to bring one guest to the Private View Party).
  6. Entry fees will be used to cover venue hire (central London, ground floor location), PR, insurance, storage, transportation, display props, staff, marketing, graphic design and printing of catalogues, postcards, tickets, press packs, and Private View Party and Press Preview Event organisation and catering costs.
  7. We are planning to organise a bigger Press Preview event incorporating a fashion show or presentation. This will be a month or so prior to the exhibition at a special location and will showcase some of the hats from the exhibition, to engage with press and to create exhibition promotion content which will be used on X Terrace social media accounts and shared with participating milliners for your marketing purposes. There are limited spaces for the event, we will be in touch with those who express interest in the application form with further details.
  8. If you have selected that your exhibited hat is to be marked ‘for sale’ during the exhibition, you agree to pay X Terrace a commission fee of 35% (+VAT) (no additional card payment fees will be charged, hat box and packing materials will be provided by us), in the event that your hat is purchased during the exhibition. Hats sold will be displayed for the duration of the exhibition and collected by the buyer after the exhibition has ended.
  9. More than 1500 London based fashion stylists, editors, photographers, press, designers, and buyers will be invited with complimentary tickets to attend either of Press Preview event, the Opening Party, and the exhibition to view the showcasing hats.
  10. Please include your social media account details in the application form to be featured online through X Terrace Fashion Platform. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @xterrace to be followed back.
  11. You will be informed by email which of your hat(s) have been selected on 29th November 2019.
  12. Payment of fees must be made by 1st January 2020.
  13. All selected hats must arrive at the X Terrace office before 20th January 2020.You may drop off your hat in person by prior arrangement only.
  14. Any import/export taxes incurred must be paid by the designers. If you are sending from outside EU, please make sure you fill in the customs invoice correctly in order to avoid customs delays and charges.
  15. Hats will be returned using one of the following couriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD, ParcelForce, Royal Mail. Unless you instruct otherwise hats will be sent using the cheapest option and include £50 insurance per hat. You agree to pay for return shipping, and we will invoice you for the cost price (Read further details on sending/returning hats).
  16. X Terrace fashion platform will not accept liability for any damage caused to the hats either in transit or during the exhibition, or for any injury caused by the hats to the public. Please arrange your own insurance if you wish to be covered in the event of damage.
  17. Designers who intend to pick up their hat(s) in person may do so by prior arrangement on Saturday 25th April 2020, from 3-4pm only. If you do not come at this time we cannot guarantee the return of your hat.
  18. Any enquiries regarding to your application submission please email:

Please tick one or more.
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Please choose which of the themes your hat is created for.
One sentence only please. 60 characters maximum. This will be included in the exhibition catalogue. (e.g. my hat was inspired by a 1920's costume worn by Clara Bow; a film - The Martian; a recycled vintage dress; 3D printer; Zaha Hadid architecture etc.)
This could be an image of architecture, film, scenery, dress, or artefact. Please include your brand name in the image file name. Please use jpg, png file types only. Max. size 2MB. Ensure uploaded filenames do not contain special characters ( : ; , ? ' " @ / ! # % ^ `)
jpg or png only. Please make sure the hat is clearly visible (in front of a plain background) in the image. File size no smaller than 1MB, no larger than 2MB. Please include your brand name in the image file name.
The image must be of the same hat as above. If you would like to submit multiple hats for consideration, please fill in a separate form for each hat. Please include your brand name in the image file name.
You do not have to upload an image. If you would like to be included in the featured milliners schedule you must upload the photo now as you cannot be added to the schedule later. Please include your brand name in the image file name.
e.g. wool felt with paper flowers made with laser-cut machine
To be included in the exhibition catalogue (if you leave blank, the hat will be called 'Untitled')
There will be additional cost incurred, full details will be communicated with the selected milliners.
It's free for selected milliners to attend the party the night before the exhibition opens to public.
There will be a fee of £25 (+VAT) for your special guest to attend the party with you.
Each space is £40 (+VAT), there is no limit of minimum or maximum requirement for each milliner, you can post the hats together with your exhibition hat. Commission is 10% (+VAT) plus any card processing fees.

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All images must be in png or jpg (jpeg) format and smaller than 2MB in size. Ensure uploaded filenames do not contain special characters ( : ; , ? ' " @ / ! # % ^ `)


Thanks for your interest. We look forward to receiving your application and to seeing your beautiful hat designs! 

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