Global dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing conference, an interview with Dr. Agnès Rocamora, Reader and Sociologist at LCF

Today let’s have a look at what is waiting for you during the Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing conference with an exclusive interview with Dr. Agnès Rocamora: ” Our society has really become shaped in a form, a structure by the media in institutional and personal practices “  
  Don’t hesitate to come and join us! X Terrace Fashion Digital Marketing conference Register now button     To know more about X Terrace Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing conference will be held at Coventry University London Campus E1 7JF on 4th September.  It is a central London one day fashion conference with talks on social media marketing (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WeChat…) and fashion social phenomena research by renowned researchers and industry professionals. Register and secure a ticket: Find out more about the conference: