Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing conference introduces speaker Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards   Analogue to Digital: The impact of fashion film on the fashion brand There has been a surge in the use of fashion films in recent years within the many facets of the fashion industry. The increase in the use of digital look books and fashion documentaries as well as media sharing platforms, has created new communities and opportunities for both fashion brands and their customers. An example of this change is the digital platform, YouTube. YouTube is a ready-made vehicle for digital content and lends itself to rapid distribution of materials within the virtual environment. This presentation will examine the impact of the fashion film within the realms of digital media. It will discuss the consumer journey, and how the individual chooses to receive and communicate information from fashion film and what the implications are for fashion film across other digital and social platforms from both a consumer and brand perspective. With reference to recent examples, it will also consider the impact that fashion film has on the fashion brand itself, making observations regarding the effects that fashion film has on a fashion brands’ identity and equity. It will also discuss the consequences of the fashion film on a fashion brands’ marketing and promotional strategies. It will argue that the fashion film seeks to create a uniquely individual response within the consumer. Fashion film acts as a means of personalising the viewer’s experience of a chosen fashion brand, and therefore subsequently affects their unique fashion choices and relationships to a particular fashion brand. It will also question how this medium will help to evolve within the fashion industry in both the contemporary climate of fashion and throughout future innovations. X Terrace Fashion Digital Marketing conference Register now button     To know more about X Terrace Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing conference will be held at Coventry University London Campus E1 7JF on 4th September.  It is a central London one day fashion conference with talks on social media marketing (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WeChat…) and fashion social phenomena research by renowned researchers and industry professionals. Register and secure a ticket: Find out more about the conference: