Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing conference introduces speaker Pr. Zhaochen Ding, School of Media, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Prof Dr Zhaochen Ding   Dr. Prof. Ding Daniel graduated from Master degree of Architectural Design from the university of Austin, Texas, USA, from a PhD Game Space Theory from Tsinghua Universtity, Beijing, China and from a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China. Furthermore, Dr. Prof. Ding Daniel displays a strong research interest focus on media such as Digital Entertainment Design, Virtual Performing Simulation, Persuasive Game and Interactive Facade. Moreover, his international reputation in research is strongly renowned thanks the Digital Entertainment Jam company he founded which allows to promote it to the Milan Design Week and many more countries in order to create cross cultural collaboration. Plus, Dr. Prof. Ding Daniel interdisciplinary skill is mainly focus on International Academic Cooperation and Negotiation. Indeed, his international presence can be highlight through its professional and academic current position such as Chief Expert of Virtual Performing Shanghai Key Laboratory, Distinguish Visiting Professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Research Fellow of Game and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory of RMIT University, Director of New Medium Research Center of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Full time Professor of Beijing institute Tsinghua University, Director of BIFTNokia Mobile Trend Research Center and Researcher of Culture Creative Research in Taiwan Normal University. Furthermore, Dr. Prof. Ding Daniel’s discussion will be focus on the use and the essential role of the WeChat marketing to help foreign companies to be able to successfully engage with Chinese consumers. Don’t forget to check out his social media platforms: Ding Daniel: Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, Official website   X Terrace Fashion Digital Marketing conference Register now button     To know more about X Terrace Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing conference will be held at Coventry University London Campus E1 7JF on 4th September.  It is a central London one day fashion conference with talks on social media marketing (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WeChat…) and fashion social phenomena research by renowned researchers and industry professionals. Register and secure a ticket: Find out more about the conference: