Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing conference key speaker Lynne Murray, Director Digital Anthropology Institute at LCF, Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director of Holition Augmented Retail

Lynne Murray is an award winning and dynamic creative entrepreneur with a pioneering approach to harnessing new technologies for the creative and retail sectors, and a passionate advocate for disruptive design thinking with proven experience in identifying emerging technologies and their commercial potential within the fashion-tech space. Over the past 8 years, Lynne has developed a unique global perspective on the luxury and retail industry’s inside approach to digital and has advised over 100 premium brands on emerging technologies. As part of her role as Co-Founder of Holition, her experience includes successfully bringing to market Augmented Reality experiences, the worlds biggest Holographic fashion performance, and multiple in-store interactive digital applications for the worlds leading brands, most recently launching Face by Holition. Lynne has recently formed the Digital Anthropology Institute at London College of Fashion, and is currently working to establish an ambitious new research facility to explore emerging horizons of Digital Anthropology.
Lynne Murray will explore approaches to innovative and creative retail projects using technology as the medium and the store as the platform. Her talk will offer insight as to how we can apply new thinking through technology to ensure continual currency and value in pioneering digital experiments for research and retail.
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