Sell your hats with us!

Royal Ascot and Summer Wedding 2019 Pop-up Shop.


We invite milliners from all over the world to sell their beautiful hat creations!

Royal Ascot is the highlight of the British horse racing season, and wearing a hat is compulsory! We will be opening the shop for 5 weeks around Royal Ascot, from May 18 until June 23, 2019. This is a period when hats are more in demand and it will be a great opportunity for you to raise awareness of your brand and to sell some of your creations to thousands of worldwide race-goers who come to Britain for the races every year! May also marks the start of the summer wedding season in the UK, so this means there will be plenty of ladies looking for a hat to match their outfit. Spaces are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions

1) The minimum order is for 7 hat spaces. Spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis.

2) A non-refundable fee for each space to be booked is payable at the time of booking.

3) There are 3 types of spaces available. Small pieces (brim under 25cm), for £1 per day. Medium pieces (brim under 40cm), for £1.50 per day. Large pieces (brim under 55cm), for £2 per day. If a hat is sold, you will be allowed to replenish the space with a hat of the appropriate size. Hats that exceed the size of space purchased will not be displayed.

4) Fees will be used to cover venue hire (central London, ground floor location), storage, display props, shop staff, staff training, hatboxes, labelling, transaction fees, marketing, graphic design, and organisation costs.

5) You will receive funds for any items sold (less a 40% commission) by 24th July 2019. If you have a UK bank account you will receive funds via bank transfer. If you are outside the UK, funds will be sent by Paypal only (please ensure you have an active Paypal account).

6) Hats for sale will be displayed in the pop-up shop from 18th May – 23rd June 2019. Please note that hats should be well-made and accessories should be attached securely. Hats should be wearable (i.e. stay on the wearers head without constant attention).

7) Hats must arrive at our offices before 10th May 2019, 5p.m. Any hats arriving after the said time and date will not be accepted. It will not be possible to bring your hats directly to the shop.

8) Any import/export taxes incurred must be paid by the designers. If you are sending from outside EU, please make sure you fill in the customs invoice correctly in order to avoid customs delays and charges

9) Unsold hats will be returned to you by ourselves, and we will invoice you for the cost price of the shipping. We will use one of the following couriers: Royal Mail, Parcel Force, FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD. Unless you request otherwise, your hats will be sent using the cheapest option, including £50 insurance per hat. We will drop off your hats at the courier’s depot to ensure they are returned to you promptly (Read further details on sending/returning hats).

10) Designers who intend to pick up their hats in person may do so on 24th June 2019, from 12pm-5pm only. If do not come at this time we cannot guarantee the return of your hat.

11) X Terrace Fashion Platform will not accept liability for any damage caused to the hats either in transit or during the shop, or for any injury caused by the hats to the public. Please arrange your own insurance if you wish to be covered in the event of damage.

12) Once you have made your booking and completed payment, a form will be sent to you for you to fill in your inventory, price list, sale price, hat images, brand information and logo. Forms must filled in by 1st May 2019 at the latest.

13) The last week is allocated for a sale where hats will be sold at a discount rate, you must notify us how much discount you wish to apply in your inventory form (up to a 50% reduction in price).

14) The hats will be handled with care, and decisions regarding display of hats lies with us and it will be final. The display will be rotated every few days to ensure equality. Milliners are not to place requests for positioning the hats in a particular place.

15) A weekly update will be sent regarding the hats sold and requirement for replacement.

16) You may send up to 3 additional hats in your shipment that can be used to repleninsh the spaces of hats sold.

17) Any enquiries regarding to your application submission please email:

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[product id=”10318″]

You will be able to add more of each type of space before you checkout.
There is a minimum order of 7 spaces per milliner (can be different sizes).
Spaces are non-refundable, except in the event that the shop is cancelled.
By purchasing, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions above.


Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you and sharing your beautiful hats with our customers