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Finding your perfect pair of glasses is more than just following fashion trends. And the best part is you are able to highlight the finest features of your beautiful face. So, the first step to finding your ideas glasses is to identify the shape of your face. Now you must be wondering what kind of face shape you have! Don’t worry, London Accessory Week Team has created this easy-to-understand guide which will help you to understand your face shape better and suggest the right kind of glasses for you. Have fun you accessory lovers!

Heart shape

You have a heart shaped face if you have a wider forehead than jawline with a widow’s peak, cheekbones the same size as the forehead and if your face is longer than it is wide.

Suggestions: Round shapes, narrow framed and frameless sunglasses would work best for you. Avoid massive frames, they make the upper part of your face look wider.

Oval shape

If you have a tall forehead which is narrower than your cheekbones, and no sharp angles on your face or your face is longer than it is wide, you definitely have an oval shaped face.

Suggestions: Suitable shapes are butterfly, aviators and cat’s eyes. Smooth lined oval, rectangular and round shapes work best for oval shaped face. Avoid too massive, too wide, pointy and narrow frames for your face type.

Round shape

Your face shape is Round if your face has similar lengths to width, soft angles at the jaw and round hairline.

Suggestions: You should look for glasses with sharp and pointing angles. Cat’s eyes, aviators, butterfly and wayfarers are the shapes that work the best. In addition, you can also consider narrow bridges and other square shaped sunglasses. Avoid round shapes and narrow frames.

Square shape

If you have a straight hairline, same width of forehead and jawline, cheekbones with slightest curve and if the length of your face is similar to the width of your face, you have a square shaped face.

Suggestions: Smooth, large and round shapes are the best choices for you. Most suitable shapes are aviators and cats-eye sunglasses. Avoid small, rectangle and pointy shapes.

Triangle shape

If you have a wide jaw, narrower cheekbones and even narrower forehead, be sure you have a triangle shaped face.

Suggestions: To visually widen the upper part of your face, look for wide and large frames with round lower parts. Avoid narrow and square shaped frames with sharp angles.

Stay tuned to learn about more face shapes and how to accessorise them in the best way.

Till then take care of your beautiful face.


Nilufar from London Accessory Week Team

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