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Monique Lee Hylands-White (UK, TW) – Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing conference

Monique Lee Hylands-White

Monique has spent the past 14 years working globally. After receiving her MA degree from London College of Fashion in 2006, her work experience includes involvement in sportswear and intelligent garment research, fashion trend forecasting, branding, PR, marketing, design, development, and management for many international fashion brands. She runs 17 active social media accounts and currently has over 30,000 followers.  She has also worked as a consultant specialising in international fashion collaboration projects with HEAD China London branch and Chinese department store chain e-commerce site Yintai.com. Before joining CULC as MBA International Fashion Management programme leader, she taught at Birmingham City University on the BA and MA Fashion Design & Media courses. She is also writing up her PhD thesis part-time. Her research areas are sportswear innovation, trend forecasting, consumer behaviour, social media marketing, wearable technology, Chinese fashion market, and international design collaboration. Monique launched Monique Lee Millinery, a multi-award-winning hat design brand in 2013. Since starting the brand, her designs have been featured in over 150 media: VOGUE Italia, L’Officiel Hellas, HUF, Superior, The Guardian, The Independent, Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, Royal Ascot Official, and many more. She organised and co-curated the 21st Century Hat Exhibition for London Hat Week 2015 which showcased 75 exhibits from designers from 15 countries and welcomed over 400 visitors. She is also preparing to launch the fashion app X Terrace to help EU fashion talents.

www.moniquelee.uk / www.xterrace.com / info@moniquelee.uk / Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr: @MLMhats @xterrace Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube: Monique Lee Millinery, X Terrace Fashion Platform

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