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Isabella Hemmersbach (DK) – Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing conference

  Isabella Hemmersbach  

Isabella Hemmersbach is a digital native and has developed the online strategy for one of the biggest independent fashion design competitions, “MUUSE x VOGUE TALENTS Competition”, in collaboration with Vogue Italia and MUUSE. Throughout her work with digital marketing and integrated social media strategy, Isabella draws on her experience with visual curation as freelance illustrator, as well as her background in social sciences and her master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School. This integration of visual communication, marketing and business strategy has lead to great results at MUUSE. What strategies and approaches helped build the MUUSE Facebook fan base to more than 40.000 likes, and the newsletter database to more than 100.000 subscribers, are some of the aspects Isabella will touch upon in her talk.


There is a growing focus on the digital space and the need to professionalise and utilize a company’s online presence. Much discussion hitherto has been about co-creation and user engagement. However, in the fashion industry this approach to digital strategy is only relevant to the few. Not many brands can leverage consumers’ content creation for their overall business and specific marketing goals, especially as one moves up the design level ladder.

Instead, fashion brands should aim to support their overall business goals with their digital strategy. Just because co-creation in its broadest sense has little relevance, this doesn’t mean that fashion brands should miss out on high end content creation through tightly curated PR stunts. Not to forget, the real magic happens, when the on- and offline experience work seamlessly together creating synergies across the all customer experience touchpoints. Measurable goals adapted to the target audience and embedded in the overall business goals should lead any digital endeavours.

Isabella’s talk will feature real life examples of this integrated approach, drawing especially on the “MUUSE x VOGUE TALENTS Competition”, which was one of the biggest independent fashion design competitions running for three years in collaboration with MUUSE and VOGUE Italia. With designers participating and sharing digital content 24/7, a physical exhibition and an online voting phase, this competition had great marketing value, which was successfully realised. Throughout its course, more than 40.000 voters per competition were turned into more than 40.000 Facebook followers and 100.000 newsletter subscribers for MUUSE.

Drawing on this case, Isabella Hemmersbach will discuss how to digitally support strategic marketing and PR initiatives to achieve business goals.


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