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a platform for fashion lovers since 2014

Current Events

  • Shop Fashion or Home Accessories
    25 Jun 2022, 19:00 – 31 Jan 2026, 23:00
    2500+ new, rare, or vintage fashion and home accessories from around the world. Rare luxury and one-of-a-kind independent brands for you to discover your next favourite accessory. Be inspired by the world of millinery.
  • Shop or Hire Everyday or Occasion Hats
    25 Aug 2022, 19:00 – 31 Aug 2025, 23:00
    1000+ new and vintage hats from 150 designers from around the world. For hire or for sale, be inspired by the world of millinery.
  • Sell Accessories on TheAccessoryCircle.com
    5 sales channels, IG, Fb, Google, Etsy, Pin
    30 Sept 2022, 19:00 – 31 Oct 2023, 22:00
    5 sales channels, IG, Fb, Google, Etsy, Pin
    Sell your fashion and home accessories through 5 sales channels, TheAccessoryCircle.com, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and Etsy*. Have your own store, manage inventory on one platform, reach accessory-loving customers worldwide.
  • Sell or Hire Hats on TheHatCircle.com
    5 sales channels, IG, Fb, Google, Etsy, Pin
    27 Nov 2022, 19:00 – 27 Nov 2024, 23:00
    5 sales channels, IG, Fb, Google, Etsy, Pin
    Sell and hire your hats through 5 sales channels, TheHatCircle.com, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and Etsy*. Have your own store, manage inventory on one platform, reach millinery-loving customers worldwide.


London Accessory Week 

Join us at Exhibition, shop or sell at Market, dance at Opening Party

15 - 16 July 2022 (tbc)

The Accessory Circle


Discover beautiful fashion accessories, home decor, and beauty 


London Hat Week

Apply to exhibit, join Opening Party, shop or sell at hat pop-up shop

TBC 2022

The Hat Circle


Discover  beautiful hats made by milliners from around the world

About us & events

Rejoicing a diverse field of international creativity, we have connected 850 designers with a global community of fashion lovers with many successful exhibitions and pop-up shops. We have also built a loyal following of over 100,000 fashion and accessory lovers on social media, who make their way to London for the exceptional annual events we organise and visit our two e-commerce websites regularly.

X Terrace Fashion Platform, founded by Monique Lee Hylands-White, is the team that brings you the joy of showcasing and indulging in unique hats at The Great Hat Exhibition (the official London Hat Week exhibition) and ‘Hatmosphere’ hat shop every year in London since 2014.

We have had the pleasure in partnering with Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard during our recent Catwalk Show and presented previous Press Preview Shows in collaboration with PINKO for 2 successive years. In 2021 we partnered with SJH Group, Rolls Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts Club to present our designers to over 2000 owners from the club at London Press Ball at JW Marriott Grosvenor House London in Mayfair, London. 


We have showcased 5 successful exhibitions, 6 pop-up shops, 3 years of the Summer Hatmosphere Shop, and an incredible Catwalk Show at the iconic The Shard, located in the city of fashion lovers – London!

In 2020, we launched our first e-commerce website The Hat Circle dedicated to milliners and hat lovers, we currently have 153 members and over 1000 hats on the website. In March 2021, we launched The Accessory Circle, introducing amazing fashion and home accessories, and beauty items for accessory lovers from around the world. 

To make headway, we have introduced “London Accessory Week” – a “must visit” week full of fun and exquisite designs where you can indulge and immerse yourself in the world of unique accessories.

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A celebration of the art of millinery

We put on a themed event celebrating hat making craftsmanship annually. Join us at the invitation only Opening Party, see the exhibition of hundreds of hats, and shop at the exhibition pop-up hat shop.

A hat shop for Royal Ascot and Summer Wedding, Events

Every year around May-June, we open a pop-up shop in central London for a month or so. You are invited to come and try on 400 unique handmade hats crafted by talented milliners from around the world.

A fashion show at Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, 

Every year, we put on a beautiful fashion show for press and accessory lovers to enjoy. We held one at London's landmark skyscrappter in 2020. It was an unforgettable experience for all designers and visitors.

London Accessory Week 15-16 July 2022

A celebration of fashion and home accessories

Join us to celebrate the art of accessories. See the exhibition, enjoy a drink and dance at the opening party, shop at the market. Meet and support independant designers and their beautifully crafted designs!