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a platform for fashion lovers since 2014

Current Events


June 2024 

London Accessory Week

The Accessory Circle

Join us to shop, sell, or exhibit at London Accessory Week

Discover beautiful fashion accessories, home decor, and beauty 


London Accessory Week

June 2024

The Accessory Circle

Join us to shop, sell, or exhibit at London Accessory Week

Discover an amazing range of beauty and skincare products 


London Accessory Week

June 2024

The Hat Circle

Join us to shop, sell, or exhibit at London Accessory Week

Discover beautiful hats made by milliners from around the world

Image by Julissa Santana

About us & events

Celebrating a vibrant tapestry of international creativity, we have fostered connections between 1185 esteemed designers and brands and a global community of fashion enthusiasts. Through numerous successful exhibitions and pop-up shops, we have provided a platform for their talents to shine. Our efforts have garnered a dedicated following of over 100,000 fashion and accessory enthusiasts on social media, who eagerly anticipate our exceptional annual events in London and frequent our two thriving e-commerce websites.

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X Terrace Fashion Platform, spearheaded by the visionary Monique Lee Hylands-White, is the driving force behind an enchanting showcase of unique hats at The Great Hat Exhibition, the esteemed official London Hat Week exhibition, and the renowned 'Hatmosphere' hat shop. Since 2014, we have consistently delivered a joyous experience to the fashion aficionados of London.

We take immense pride in our partnerships with prestigious establishments such as the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, where we recently presented a mesmerizing Catwalk Show. Additionally, we have collaborated with PINKO for two consecutive years, hosting captivating Press Preview Shows. In 2021, our endeavours joined forces with esteemed entities like SJH Group, Rolls Royce, and the Bentley Enthusiasts Club, allowing us to showcase our talented designers to over 2000 esteemed club members at the grand London Press Ball, held at JW Marriott Grosvenor House London in Mayfair.

Throughout our journey, we have curated five successful exhibitions, organized six pop-up shops, established three years of the iconic Summer Hatmosphere Shop, and wowed audiences with an unforgettable Catwalk Show at the illustrious The Shard—a true mecca for fashion lovers in the vibrant city of London.

In 2020, we ventured into the digital realm by launching our first e-commerce website, The Hat Circle. Dedicated to milliners and hat lovers, the platform currently boasts 205 members and showcases over 1200 exquisite hats. Building on this success, in March 2021, we expanded our offerings with the introduction of The Accessory Circle—an avenue that unveils remarkable fashion, home accessories, and beauty items from around the world, catering to the desires of accessory enthusiasts.

Continuing our commitment to captivating events, we introduced the highly anticipated "London Accessory Week" in 2021—a week filled with enchantment and exquisite designs, where attendees can fully immerse themselves in the world of unique accessories. Following its success, we are thrilled to announce that the third edition of London Accessory Week will be held on July 15th and 16th, 2023. Furthermore, our team proudly organise London Christmas Fashion, Home, and Beauty Gift Market every winter since 2022, as well as the upcoming London Beauty and Wellness Week coming soon in 2024.

Ambience - Luminita Roman @l.c.roman91 X
London Accessory Week 2021 by X Terrace Fashion Image by Humble Magazine42.JPG

London Hat Week Exhibitions

Hatmosphere Pop-Up Hat Shop

LHW Preview Catwalk Show

London Accessory Week

A celebration of the art of millinery

We put on a themed event celebrating hat making craftsmanship annually. Join us at the invitation only Opening Party, see the exhibition of hundreds of hats, and shop at the exhibition pop-up hat shop.

A hat shop for Royal Ascot and summer weddings, Events

Every year around May-June, we open a pop-up shop in central London for a month or so. You are invited to come and try on 400 unique handmade hats crafted by talented milliners from around the world.

A fashion show at Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, 

Every year, we put on a beautiful fashion show for press and accessory lovers to enjoy. We held one at London's landmark skyscrappter in 2020. It was an unforgettable experience for all designers and visitors.

A celebration of fashion and home accessories

Join us to celebrate the art of accessories. See the exhibition, enjoy a drink and dance at the opening party, shop at the market. Meet and support independant designers and their beautifully crafted designs!

















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Balanced Objects
Image by rebootanika

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