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Prana Queen: Crafting Spiritual Elegance with Gemstone Jewellery | London Accessory Week

How would you describe your design/product concept?

Prana Queen merges aesthetics with spirituality in our jewellery. We create pieces that not only captivate visually but also resonate deeply. Each item is crafted to align with the wearer's energy and promote mindfulness, drawing inspiration from nature and the healing properties of gemstones. Our designs blend these elements to infuse positive energy and intention into every creation. In essence, Prana Queen offers wearable art that connects the material and spiritual worlds, engaging the soul. Additionally, as an energy healer, Pia customizes each piece's energy before shipping.

Image: Prana Queen product

Image: Prana Queen product

How and when did you start the brand?

Prana Queen's journey commenced in 2017 when our owner, Pia, experienced an inner vision to craft jewelry that harnessed the power of gemstones for spiritual wellness. With no clear destination in mind, she embarked on creating these unique pieces. The name Prana Queen evolved from the life force 'prana' and the inner queen found within each of us. There was a profound sense of purpose in this endeavor. Prana Queen officially emerged in 2022, fueled by the aspiration to share these meaningful creations on a broader scale. Since then, our brand has remained committed to aiding individuals in enhancing their well-being through artisanal jewelry, with this vision at its core.

Image: Prana Queen product

What are your sources of inspiration?

Our inspiration comes from nature's harmony, the allure of gemstones, and the power of mindfulness. We create jewellery that encapsulates the beauty of landscapes and oceans, guided by gemstone healing properties, and infused with mindful positive energy.

How do you feel about participating in the Christmas Market? Anything else you want to share?

We're excited to join the Christmas Market, where we can share the joy and meaning of our well-being and mindfulness-inspired jewelry. It's a unique gift choice that spreads positive energy and intention-based living. We look forward to connecting with new customers and contributing to the holiday season's warmth and love.

Image: Brand's inspiration

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