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Simone and Agnès is the name of my brand, my universe made of headwear and accessories for bold and inspiring women.

My inspiration: You. Your boldness, your passion, your freedom.

My motto: "Be yourself, be unique".

Here, we reveal ourselves and expose ourselves.

I attach great importance to self-acceptance through my work.

With us, clothes and hats are there to sublimate you. We have color, girl power, audacity, a touch of madness and a lot of good vibes.

Behind this name, it's me : Morgane, passionate about fashion, travel, vintage etc. that I transcribe in my collections. My sensitivity to aesthetics, shapes and colours led me to this profession very early on.

My hard work allowed me to train in beautiful places.

And here I am today with this project that is close to my heart!

Simone et Agnès

Simone et Agnès

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