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Wentworth Luxury Tea understands the need for a good cup of tea. Our loose tea is often better than you'd find in your local store.

With a passion for tea blending and a location in Yorkshire, we know how important it is to provide a high quality product.

Whether you're having afternoon tea or impressing guests, go with Wentworth Luxury Tea.


Our limited edition Christmas tea gift sets contain extra special blends for the holidays.

White Christmas Tea: An exquisite white tea leaf combined with juniper berries cinnamon star anise apple & cranberry pieces makes our white Christmas tea a delectable treat for the holidays. It has a delicate fruity taste and a slightly sweet aroma with hints of anise. Suitable for light lunches and afternoon tea, this tea is delicious anytime of the day.

Caribbean Christmas Tea: With a warm seasonal charm, this tea is spicy and warming. Every sip of this holiday fruit blend brings you peace, tranquillity, and memories of warmer climes. Hug your cup and breathe in the amazing aroma while you enjoy the warm spiced fruity flavour with hints of rum and coconut.

Christmas Cheer Tea: Ceylon tea with cinnamon & cloves. Your spirit will be lifted by the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and cloves. This amazing brew is a blend of high quality Ceylon tea that will relax and rejuvenate you during this season of goodwill.

You should try our best seller, Yorkshire Everyday, which is a powerful malty blend of luxury black tea leaves.



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