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General Questions

What is RREC Strive for Perfection about? Who organises it?                                                          

RREC Strive for Perfection is a celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Rolls-Royce landmark, the Spirit of Ecstasy and the launch of the book dedicated to it, at the exclusive W Marriott Grosvenor House hotel, in London on Friday 8th October 2021. Presented Rolls-Royce and SJH Publishing. ​


Who is attending the event?​    

The event will host 1000-1500 guests. The affluent clients of Rolls-Royce are people with a luxurious lifestyle, who seek exclusivity and stand out, in essence to their occupation and incomes. Besides, the cream of the UK´s broadcast and print media will be attending this event..


Where can I find information and pictures of your previous events?                                          

You are welcome to visit and our sister brand pages @xterrace @thehatcircle @accessory_circle @accessory_week to enjoy some highlights from our previous exhibition, fashion show, and pop-up shops!


How can I take part in RREC Strive for Perfection?                                                                             

If you are a designer or brand, you are invited to apply to showcase your items at the exhibition, get featured in our Shopping Guide  (The Circle magazine) or include your Brand Logo on the backdrop. Each of the different modalities will give your brand great exposure to a luxurious and influential audience.


Can I attend the event if I participate?

No. There are only two X Terrace staff allowed at this event, so your presence is not required. Our professional team will take care of the set-up, display, sales, and all the stress of putting on an event, while you sit comfortably in your studio.                                                                                         


How is the schedule going along with the current pandemic?                                                   

We are optimistic that the event can be held on the planned day. In the situation of lockdown still happening at that time, we will reschedule it to slightly later. You will be informed in advance of any changes.

Questions about fee and other financial aspects

What is the fee per product to Exhibit at RREC Strive for Perfection?

£100+VAT per each large item (maximum size 30cm x 30cm x 30cm)

£70+VAT per each small item (maximum size 20cm x 20cm x 20cm)



What are the acceptable types of products?

Accessories including hats, jewellery, bags, eyewear, shoes, home decor and accessories, beauty and other accessories for everyone, including pets 🙂 If you are not sure whether your products will be accepted, just drop us a message or email! 


Do you take any other commission or fees besides the participation fees?

You will receive funds for any items sold (less a 25% commission, plus VAT). For example, if you sold an item for £100, you will receive £70. £100 - 25% (+VAT). So price accordingly! That’s for Market items. We will prepare display, staff, packaging, and take card payment. If you have a UK bank account you will receive funds via bank transfer. If you are outside the UK, funds will be sent by PayPal only (please ensure you have an active PayPal account).


Do I need to pay to participate?

Yes, all the information regarding payments and other details can be found on Participate Page of our website (replace when the pages are ready)


How much does it cost to get features in our Shopping Guide (The Circle magazine)?

1. Shopping destination recommendation of your brand in a 1/8 space on a page:


2. Interview, as a designer, on 1 full-page: £80+VAT

3. Full page size advert featuring your brand: £80+VAT


How much does it cost to have the Brand Logo on the backdrop?


Questions about Exhibition and Shopping Guide

When is the deadline to apply to showcase my work in the exhibition?

The deadline for the applications is on 30th September 2021.


How do I book to participate?

Please visit here for more details. Or book directly here.


Can exhibitors buy a ticket to enter the event?

No, the visitors of this event are invited by the organisers so there are no tickets on sale for it.


How can I participate if I can not attend the event?

You can simply send the products to us, and we will take care of the rest for you.


If I offer the same model of earrings in 2 different colors, would that be 2 different products?

Yes it does count as two seperate items.

Is it possible to change sold items for another item?

No, it is a one day event, and we can only display and bring a certain amount of items with us, due to space limitation. 


Questions about Booking Exhibition Spaces

When and how do I send my products to you after booking my spaces?

We will contact you and give you all the details once you have booked.


Should I book small or large spaces?

If your item can be displayed beautifully in the space of Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm) you should book Small Spaces. But, if it is larger and you need space of Length + Width + Depth up to 90cm (e.g.30x30x30cm) you should book Large Spaces.


My square silk scarves are 90x90cm when flat but draped or folded to a much smaller size eg: under 90cm. Please can you advise me.

Small spaces will be sufficient if the item can be displayed within the space of the small item Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm). 


How many products can I showcase?

You can book as many spaces for exhibition but only one interview feature and one brand advert per brand is allowed. View your options and book at the following link:


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