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Seller Exhibitor Form

Please fill in sections A & B.
If you booked an INTERVIEW FEATURE, please also fill in section C.

If you booked a PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS FEATURE, please also fill in section D.


  1. Please use the same email address as the one you book with us to avoid slowing down the process. 

  2. Details about shipping your products to us and setting up your stall are on the confirmation page.

  3. Further information on fees and deadlines is on the Seller Information page. 

  4. If you have any further questions or need any support, please email to tell us your questions. 

  5. Please fill in within 10 days after booking


Please fill in your brand information below. Please make sure the information you fill in are correct, and please provide valid permanent address for shipping, if required, as we prepare return shipping arrangement prior to the event to ensure efficiency so the address submitted will be the address where we ship to you.


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Thanks for submitting!


We would love to tell your story to our audience. We have prepared questions about your brand and designs for you. These answers will be conducted into a text, which will be published in the Christmas Shopping Guide 2023.

  • Please answer a minimum of 8 questions below, but we would love to hear about all of them.

  • Please note that we will edit and select from your interview answers before publishing. However, we will make sure we don't misinterpret your words.

  • Please complete the form before the deadline, earlier if possible.

  • You may wish to type up your answers and copy paste into the form if that's easier for you.

Almost there, submit images to make your interview features enjoyable to read.

A list of images we would like to receive from you to include in the feature, the image requirements are as follows:

  • Images must be professional, good quality.

  • The minimum image size is 1MB, no larger than 3MB.

  • Please confirm that the images you send are copyrighted by you and we have permission to publish them on our website and use them for marketing purposes.