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Inspiration From Nature: Boosting Style Confidence At HMJ | London Accessory Week

Updated: Apr 10

High Maintenance Jewellery by Kate Hunter

Hi there, I'm Kate Hunter, Jewellery Designer and Owner of High Maintenance Jewellery.

Specialising in creating bespoke jewellery pieces for our clients, our mission is to provide a quality personal service where every piece of jewellery tells your story.

Injecting a unique and full flavour into each piece, we take you on a colourful journey and sustain you as a strong part of the creativity along the way.

High Maintenance Jewellery was established in 2009 and has since grown to be a recognised and independent brand, with a British sense of style.

Our name represents a silent confidence, filled with sincerity. The words 'High Maintenance' are of a positive nature, embracing female empowerment and self-worth.

We are a brand promoting and believing strongly in self-love, confidence, kindness and self-respect.

Based in our Yorkshire studio in the United Kingdom, and working with my own traditional jewellery techniques and tools, the designs at High Maintenance Jewellery are always created using high quality and wearable materials.

Having the freedom to create handmade jewellery pieces and then seeing our clients' reactions when wearing their finished pieces, it drives and ignites both myself and High Maintenance Jewellery.

High Maintenance Jewellery are proud to teach a range of jewellery workshops to the public in groups ranging from attendees of 10 to 35. We have also taught jewellery making at The Queens Centre, East Yorkshire, for The teenage Cancer Trust.

We hold many private jewellery parties for adults throughout each season, where you as the host choose your guests, your theme, and also the range of jewellery styles and collections. Each guest receives a free personal jewellery consultation with HMJ.

We also host and teach children's jewellery workshop parties, focussing on key elements of learning including problem solving, fine motor skills, patience, creative thinking and social interaction.

In 2016 I was personally approached by the NHS Hull & East Yorkshire Women's and Children's Hospital, to design and create a pendant for patients who suffer the loss of an unborn child.

The 'forget-me-not' pendants are placed inside the EPAU and Cedar Ward at Hull & East Yorkshire Women's and Children's Hospital memory boxes.

These pendants are also available to purchase from our website, and for every single 'forget-me-not' pendant that is purchased, I donate another to the Hull & East Yorkshire EPAU and Cedar Ward at the hospital.

The 'forget-me-not' pendant has grown widely throughout the United Kingdom, and has recently been requested in North Carolina, U.S.A.

I am extremely honoured and in awe of the impact that these pendants have had, and continue to have with the people who receive them.

High Maintenance Jewellery pride ourselves on our customer service, our quality and our pleasant nature. We hold open High Maintenance Jewellery events, competitions, and pop-up shops to the public.

We also donate to charities that have personal connections to us, such as; Cancer Research, Leukaemia Care UK, and Hull Homeless Community Project (HHCP).

Local businesses stock our exclusive bespoke jewellery collections. Ranging from; crystal chakra pieces at Salt Revive, boudoir pearl necklaces at Debbie Wilkinson Photography, contemporary style pieces at The Beautique Room, and traditional British monocle chains at Monocle Madness.

High Maintenance Jewellery thoroughly enjoy being the official sponsor to the Springhead Falcons U8's Girls Football Team.

These players put all effort into their training, tournaments and matches, whilst also supporting and encouraging each other and enjoying the sport. It's great for their fitness, but also for their mental wellbeing.