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DECLAMATUUS Unveiling Ancient Elegance in Modern Couture | London Accessory Week

What are your sources of inspiration?

The 2 creative sisters of the DECLAMATUUS brand have immersed themselves in various historical research & archaeological excavations, to draw their inspiration from Egyptian Roman Antiquity and develop an atypical and intriguing brand universe featuring exclusive "jewellery-totems" (ancient lucky charms).

They also created each adornment of the brand as a tribute to ancient heroes or heroines who marked history with their courage (Spartacus, Aspasia...).

Their collections hope to be worthy of being worn by the sulphurous actress Elizabeth Taylor in the Hollywood film “Cleopatra” or by the heroes of the brand's founding tale: Emperor Cassius and Empress Gaia.

How would you describe your design/product concept?

The Declamatuus brand universe is intended to be atypical (innovative cuts, original materials) ultra-couture (adorned with jewels, enriched by the nobility of textiles) hybrid (diverted into luxury ready-to-wear), comfortable (combining ease and elegance).


Each Declamatuus box 100% made in France is systematically delivered to Ladies & Gentlemen with:

+ The gift box and its bow (The official Box)

+ An Ode (One Poem in door hanger)

+ The tale (The official legend of the brand)

+ The accessories (Made in one size)

+ Bras or T-shirts (Made in 3 sizes S/M/L)

+ Panties or briefs (Made in 3 sizes S/M/L)

Do have a signature or star product? Tell us about it!

One of the star products of our brand is the "LUXURY SPORT FOR IMPERIAL WOMAN OR MAN" collection.

Entirely made in France in the “New Aquitaine” region & in Tencel® (viscose woven in Europe from Eucalyptus pulp renowned for its extreme softness eco-friendly) this line combines comfort and elegance. Original accessories are included: headband, bow tie, pair of socks (woven by a secular French factory classified as a French living heritage company).

Image: DECLAMATUUS’s product

What is your dream project? If there are no limitations, what would you create?

The 2 sisters have their heads full of dreams and new creations…

The first of them being to be sold and represented to the customers of the prestigious English department store Harrods.

And the craziest of them would be to create the costumes for the next version of Cleopatra in Hollywood or to be offered partnerships with Linda Farrow London (the popess of eccentric and chic eyewear) & Christian Louboutin (the pope of high heels)!

What are your tips for customers who are interested in your products?

TIP 1 : The sets can't be mix and match (the tops and bottoms are sold together in the same size). The label's accessories are all of one size, so don't panic!

TIP 2 : If you offer this box to yourself, you are invited to choose the Ode N°1. But if you offer this box to a lover, the Odes number 2 to 13 are made for you (delivered in French and translated into English).

Image: DECLAMATUUS’s product

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