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5 Most Popular Handbag Styles You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

“I have enough handbags”, said no girl ever. Handbags are one of our most favourite items in the wardrobe, agree much? There are so many different types of shapes and styles these days which can make us feel overwhelmed when choosing the right style of bag for the right occasion. So, let’s explore the variety in the world of fashionable handbags and see how and where we can carry them.

The Mini Bag

Big bags are cool and stylish, but you can’t deny that mini bags are all the rage at the moment. Even though you are only able to carry just one of your favourite essentials, they are trending way up. Many brands have launched various versions of the same thing - the smaller, the more fashionable.

MaxMara Stella McCartney

The Shoulder Bag

There are so many types of shoulder bags, and so little time to try them all. For ladies, there are lady style, imperial style, urban style, Lolita style and so on. The main advantage of these bags is that they allow women to have more types of bags to choose from when matching clothes and they can be easily matched with any outfit.

Brognano Milan

The XL Tote

Now who doesn’t love a tote bag?! Especially when you can carry every single essential item you want. Large-capacity bags can be used as holiday bags and also for occasions where a large number of items need to be loaded daily.

Altuzarra Boss

The Soft Volume Clutch

The lambskin fold bag is the one that every girl can see at a glance. After getting it, the more you look at it, the more you like it. The texture is unbelievably soft and comfortable, that you help but cuddle your snuggly bag.

Isabel Marant Paris

Waist Bag

Waist bags are also known as bum bags, waist wallets, or belt bags. They can be used as a bag for carrying essentials, or as another fashion accessory matched with your outfit. But a waist bag doesn’t have to be just worn on your waist. You can try wearing it cross-body by slinging it over your shoulders or draping it low over your hips.

Vien Angel Schlesser


Jasmine from The Accessory Circle.

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