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Yam is an independent and handcrafted jewellery brand by Morgan Thomas. The interest in starting a jewellery brand started when Morgan Thomas’s mother brought a jewellery making book into their home, which caught Morgan's interest. The book unknowingly implanted this idea into her mind, about starting a company to recognise her mother’s legacy.

“Yam is an ode to my late mother, upcycled materials and new nostalgia.”

The brand is based in Queens, New York and started to gain recognition for its minimalistic and elegant designs that are entirely handmade. In fact, all items are handmade to order which shows the quality that goes into the brand and its products.

Since the launch of Yam, the brand has featured well known publications such as, New York Times, Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar and ELLE. Successful singer and songwriter, Lizzo has been seen wearing earrings from the brand in her music video from her hit song “Good As Hell”.

The brand might be young, but it is quickly gaining recognition within the industry and it is safe to say that Yam will continue to grow as a business. It is important to support brands that are started by people from minority backgrounds, especially black-owned businesses. Yam is a great brand to do exactly that, not only for its great quality and beautiful designs, but because of the honouring history of how the brand was conceived. Below you will find some of the gorgeous pieces from Yam NYC, which can be found on their website

The “Highgate Dangle’’ earrings, $162.00

The “Daisy Ring”, $88.00

The “Bonar Pearl Choker”, $112.00

Find Yam here:

Until next time,

Helin from The Accessory Circle Team

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