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Essence of Antiquity in Organic Skincare by Asklepios Garden | London Accessory Week

Tell us a little about you and your brand. Who are you, and what products do you design for your brand?

I founded Asklepios Garden under the simple principle that healthy skin is beautiful skin. Pure organic ingredients are formulated to deliver skin-renewing nutrients deep into your epidermis. Always Vegan & Cruelty-free.

Working within the beauty & design fields for over 15 years, I had a desire to bring a line of organic products to the clean beauty market that not only work extremely well, but bring a timeless elegance, luxury & beauty to the natural skincare world. An exquisite alchemy of products that men, women & and all gender non-binary people can unite with & take pleasure in using.

What are your sources of inspiration?

ASKLEPIOS GARDEN takes inspiration from the Greek demigod Asclepius, the ‘God of Healing’. Asclepius, son of Apollo, was taught the art of healing, herbs & medicine by Centaur Chiron. One day he watched a serpent carry a medicinal leaf in its mouth to another injured serpent, healing the snake immediately. The Asclepian Rod, featuring an entwined serpent, has been a symbol of healers since ancient Greek times.

For centuries after Asclepius ascended, ‘Asclepieion’ healing temples and their practitioners, became very popular throughout Bronze Age Europe, spreading as far north as Scotland. The temples were a place of rejuvenation and healing & would have been very similar to today's spas & baths. Patrons would take in relaxing massage, herbal tinctures & special healing treatments.

Our logo represents the serpent wrapped around the rose. The serpent is an ancient symbol of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration, due to the shedding of its skin. The rose, a symbol of beauty, love, & the healing powers of the natural world.

How would you describe your design/product concept?

Plant-based, nutrient-rich, organic.

Products formulated to deliver high levels of phyto-nutrition directly to your body's largest organ.

The skin.

Luxurious, nourishing, skin food.

Inspired by Greek, Babylonian, and Hermetic mythology - the warm sun (fire), rich soils (earth), the cerulean sea (water), & aromatic breezes (air) of the Mediterranean region.

We believe that plant-based ingredients, formulated with a broad-spectrum holistic approach to skin health, creates layers of benefits not only for the epidermis, but also for the health of the mind, the body & the spirit.

Everything we formulate uses ethically sourced botanical ingredients.


Cruelty free.

Free of fillers & synthetics.


Do you have a signature style? Tell us more about your most popular designs.

I am very much inspired by the fashion industry, photographers from the 50s, 60s & 70’s as well as by Greek, Babylonian, and Hermetic mythology.

Who is the target audience for your products?

We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, so no matter who you are, what age you are, or how you identify. Our products & the ingredients within them, are designed to nourish and protect the epidermis, giving you a natural & beautiful glow!

What skills are necessary to be a successful brand owner? Do you have any tips for new brands?

Follow the beat of your own drum! In the skin care world, there are so many brands that look the same. It is so important to have your own, unique & clear point of view, which will then translate to an original line of products.

Image: ASKLEPIOS GARDEN products

Image: ASKLEPIOS GARDEN inspiration

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