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Bathphoria: Elevating Your Bathing & Selfcare Experience | London Accessory Week

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Tell us a little about you and your brand. Who are you, and what products do you design for your brand?

My name is Chastity Sanders. I am the founder and owner of Bathphoria. Bathphoria represents natural, organic products. Our products are always handcrafted in small batches with ethical ingredients, love, and integrity. Each product is packed full of healing, nourishing, and beneficial organic ingredients found in nature. We are committed to only using sustainable and safe ingredients that are responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers.

How would you describe your design/product concept?

Bathphoria is proud to offer quality handmade soaps and other bath and body care products that are made from only the highest quality ingredients. Buy with confidence knowing that Bathphoria uses only the finest therapeutic grade essential oils and responsibly and ethically sourced materials from all over the world. We are proud to share that our soaps are completely free of all GMO ingredients, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, and petroleum products. A selection of our handmade soaps is 100% vegan.

Do you have a signature style? Tell us more about your most popular designs.

Bathphoria's brand is organic and responsibly sourced ingredients to safely address skin issues. Our packaging is soft, soothing, and designed to complement our products. Bathphoria best selling product is the Oatmeal Milk and Honey goat milk soap bar. This soap is powerful but gentle and is representative of our brand. Oatmeal is a skin softener, which makes it perfect for treating dry and sensitive skin. Oats are also a natural skin moisturizer, especially when paired with honey which is a humectant, which seals in moisture and hydrates the skin. We paired it with oatmeal for this soap because it opens up the pores, which helps to remove dirt. Honey is also antibacterial and effective in preventing and treating acne breakouts. Customers continue to make this our top-selling product because it helps with dry, sensitive skin, and irritated skin like breakouts, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. This best seller is representative of the care and attention Bathphoria takes to custom blend handmade soaps and products that complement each other and provide powerful but gentle combinations to maximize skin needs.

Who is the target audience for your products?

Bathphoria's ideal client requires responsibly sourced, handmade, organic alternatives to skincare. Our ideal customer target audience wants to maintain healthy, glowing skin with powerful but gentle organic ingredients.

How do you feel about showcasing your design at London Accessory Week?

I am beyond excited to bring Bathphoria to London Accessory Week. I'm nervous and excited about the opportunity. I'm so proud of the products we produced and I cannot wait to share our story at London Accessory Week.

What are your future plans? Are you any exciting projects or new collections underway? Tell us about it!

I'm continually testing and launching new products to serve our customers. What's next for Bathphoria? A brick-and-mortar store and international shipping. We want Bathphoria flagship stores to be on shelves in retailers who align with our vision and mission.

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