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Get Glowing With Inna Skin: Your Secret To Radiant Beauty! | London Accessory Week

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

What is Inna Skin?

Inna Skin is a newly launched skincare company, founded by Najwa Iggoute and her associate Wafaa Redwani focusing on products that are derived from nature and inspired by reminiscence. Inna Skin is all about embracing the natural evolution of skin and our products are created to support that process. We believe that the most beneficial ingredients are naturally provided by earth. This is why we aim to create the most natural and purest products which promote healthier skin. All of our products are ethically sourced directly from women's cooperatives in Morocco and all the work we do strongly promotes women's empowerment.

Could you tell us a bit about your design philosophy?

The design of our products has simplicity and versatility in mind. Our oils for example can be used in multiple ways. Argan oil can be used for face, body and hair. It is unisex and our packaging has been carefully designed to portray that. My husband and my son both use the Black Seed and Argan oils - they are obsessed! We want to move away from the cliched understanding that only women should be looking after their hair and skin - Men need to be doing the work too!

What pushes you to want to do more for the brand?

Inna Skin oils are making me spend a lot of money on hair dye! We receive a lot of great feedback from customers who have tried our products - not only referring to the unique quality compared to other products they have used but also to the noticeable difference the products have made to their skin and hair. This all pushes me to want to do more for the brand.

Who is your target audience?

Our products can be used by all adults and are suitable for all skin types (subject to patch testing of course). Our products are aimed at customers who value quality over price. If we say that our products are 100% pure, we mean every word of it. Pure oils cost a lot - you can't have a pure product on sale for £10 - it just doesn't add up. Our target customers are customers who want their skin to age healthily - our products support the skin's ageing process, by feeding the skin with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. We do have other products lined up, they will be derived from oils but in addition to other ingredients - we are always transparent about what we use.

Our dream project

It would be a project that combines all of our talents together. We would have a space to showcase our skincare products, my handmade jewellery, my paintings, and Wafa's fashion brand preferably on a farm where we can grow our Argan, roses, orange blossom trees etc. We would invite local schools to do some art and work on girls' empowerment projects. That would probably be our retirement project!

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