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How To Accessorise Like A Londoner: Tips, Tricks, And Trends By OH HOW KIND | London Accessory Week

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Tell us about you and your brand!

Working in the health industry for 12 years here in Western Australia, I saw the importance of self-care in each one of us and this is a huge reason why I built Oh How Kind. A brand that promotes self-care in ourselves and our community as we spread the message of kindness, joy, positivity, and love wherever we go; making a difference in style one day at a time. I carefully design and handcraft all the earrings, accessories and custom pieces from home, while also working full-time as a Medical Graphic Designer. While I design for medical education including artwork relating to COVID-19, I build my brand Oh How Kind, before and after work and through the weekends. Each collection speaks a message deeper than its outer beauty and I have collaborated with other small businesses and non-profit organisations who share the same passion and values.

How and when did you start OH HOW KIND?

My online store officially opened in April 2020, but I have been doing a lot of self-study, trial and error prior to that since January 2020. Some may say it may have been the worst time to start a business during a pandemic but I felt the burning desire deep in my core and I knew from that moment on that I had to give it my all. I have never felt more aligned with my purpose since.

What inspires you when creating your collections?

Whenever I create a new collection, I research special dates relating to mental health, wellness and self-care. These inspire me to create a beautiful message behind each collection. In terms of style, I love iridescent and holographic. This is because I feel they encapsulate so many layers through the variety of colours, shades and textures as the light hits their surface.

What has been a special moment in your career as an accessory designer?

I am grateful to have won the Best Marketing Award in the first-ever business awards I entered at the 28th Belmont and Western Australian Small Business Awards 2021 and Finalist in the Customer Service Award. I also received Product of the Year 2020 on one of Instagram’s Small Business Support pages for my product Kindness No 5 with approximately 1,500 votes from my customers and followers on Instagram. Also, when I received an email from British Vogue in January 2022 to get a chance to be featured in their March, April and May 2022 magazines, the feeling was surreal. I couldn’t believe it and up to this day, I will always cherish that moment for life. After that, Oh How Kind has also been featured in Tatler and three times in Conde Nast Traveller magazines. I am grateful. I am appreciative. I am humbled.

Do you have any tips for aspiring artists who want to start their own accessory/beauty/art brand?

As someone who has learnt design and crafting through the mere act of doing it, my biggest advice is, don’t let fear stop you from doing what your heart tells you to. I didn’t come from an artistic background. Everything that I do and know now is a compilation of years of research, trial and error and continual innovation. If you are coming from a different industry but have a burning desire to craft, I say ‘DO IT’. Take action and see how it goes. You’ll never know what you are truly capable of unless you try.

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