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Ekenberg Scandinavia: A Nordic Take on Jewellery Design | London Accessory Week

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Tell us a bit about your brand!

My name is Per Ekenberg and I am the founder of the jewellery brand Ekenberg Scandinavia. My vision with Ekenberg Scandinavia is to highlight Scandinavia, Scandinavian jewellery design and Scandinavian craftsmanship through my products. All jewellery is therefore inspired by Scandinavia in some way and is characterized by a timeless and minimalist style. We design jewellery for both ladies and men, which includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Our jewellery is produced by hand in sterling silver or 18k gold.

How and when did you start your accessory brand?

I come from Sweden but have lived in Norway for the past 12 years. Right from the start, I was very fascinated and inspired by the Norwegian scenery with magnificent mountains and beautiful fjords. In Norway, the well-known nature attractions are associated with tourists in a negative way. For me, the Norwegian scenery is incredibly beautiful and something to be proud of. I therefore wanted to create a jewellery collection that the Norwegians wanted to wear and that highlights Norwegian nature in an exclusive way. I started Ekenberg Scandinavia in 2018.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My jewellery adventure started with inspiration from the Norwegian scenery, which also appears in our two collections Pulpit Rock and Fjords of Norway. Since I am Swedish, I have a desire to further develop Ekenberg to include the whole of Scandinavia. That will be noticed in our upcoming collections. Stay tuned!

How would you describe your design/product concept?

I do not only want to design beautiful jewellery. I also try to connect each design to a special feeling, it can be, for example, belonging, a memory, an experience, or a symbolic meaning that makes it feel special to wear that particular piece of jewellery.

What skills are necessary to be a successful creator? Do you have any tips for aspiring artists who want to start their own accessory brand?

I was lucky to come in contact with a local jeweller who saw a great interest in my design. This gave me early opportunities to showcase and sell my jewellery in their beautiful store. It helped me gain confidence in the market, which also made it possible to develop the collection and the brand further. I therefore recommend finding partners who can benefit from your success. It can be, for example, good photographers, resellers, marketers, etc. For me, it has also been important to have a patience and a long-term perspective in my creation. What I think is good today I will probably think is bad tomorrow. That is also an explanation for why it takes me about 6-12 months from an idea to the jewellery being available in store.

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