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Royal Ladies shaping fashion: Queen Elizabeth and Lady Di's iconic accessories.

Fashion in England has been an enormous phenomenon since the beginning of history and the Royal ladies have been shaping the history of fashion and influencing trends throughout the years. So, let’s have a glance at some of the most impressive accessories that Her Majesty, The Queen and Lady Di made iconic, not just for the look, but for the meaning behind them.

Just imagine owning 200 pieces of your favourite handbag in your wardrobe. What a dream!

But this is the actual reality of the British Monarch. Assessed by her Personal Assistant and Dresser, Angela Kelly, stating that “less is more”. Queen Elizabeth II has been wearing the famous Launer’s handbags since the 1970s. Having three favourite models: the black leather Royale, the black patent Traviata, and a third custom handbag made just for herself.

But her bag is not just for keeping her lipstick or a little mirror. The way that she manipulates it in public and private sessions has a lot of meaning behind it. She uses it for giving secret signals to her staff.

Have you ever wondered why The Queen wears such vibrant colours in public appearances? People must be able to see her in crowded spaces. But this does not just rely on the bright tones. The millinery she uses helps her to stand out, becoming important items on Her Majesty’s wardrobe.

But for younger generations Lady Di became an icon in British Fashion, from her engagement sapphire ring until her famous “Revenge Dress”, she was such a trendsetter.

Some of the most stunning jewellery was the Swan Lake Suite Necklace, worn by the Princess of Wales in one of her last public appearances in 1997. Made out of 187 diamonds and five astonishing South Sea Pearls, this necklace is valued at around $12 million dollars.

Same as her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, Diana had a not-secret love for handbags. And even more, she was not using them to complement her outfits, but also to hold them against her chest and avoid being photographed and hounded by the media when she was stepping out of a car. That was the time when the name “cleavage bags” was introduced in fashion.

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Until next time,

Estefania from The Accessory Circle Team

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