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3 Best Type of Heels for Your Minimal Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Ladies, let’s admit with this amazing saying - “from fashion to fairy tales, heels are always in vogue.” Heels add a certain charm to the whole outfit and also to your body language. Wouldn’t you agree?

Heels are fun to pick, yet we often feel overwhelmed choosing the right pair to go with our daily outfits. So, to help you in times of confusion, here are some ideal heels that can feel just the right pair for daily wear and more; and they don’t even take up much space in your closet. So, it’s a win-win situation!

Stiletto Heels can be paired perfectly for so many events like formal parties, nights out, dates, or professional meetings. They are here to make a statement! Stilettos give you that power walk wherever you go.

Wedge Heels, want comfort and style at the same time? Wedge is the solution! They look absolutely stunning with long maxi dresses, summer dresses, skirts or a pair of wide legged trousers; it really can lift up so many of your outfits with that comfort.

Platform Heels, these are also the best option when it comes to comfort and also for the pain-free experience. You can pair this up with so many outfits for professional events and also for a casual party or for casual daywear.

So, you can undoubtedly rely on these three heel types for any special occasion, because why not, they are reliable, stylish and comfortable (to some extent to be honest). But hey, they add a little more grace and elegance to your look. Heels always manage to enhance a women’s walk and make you look more confident. And we don’t need more reason to fall for these amazing heels, do we?!


Jyoti from team Accessory Circle

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